Overcast is a short animated adventure film. Completed in 2010, it has been screened at the Foyle Film Festival, the Athens International Film and Video Festival and the KinoFest International Digital Film Festival. Since then it has been picked up for distribution by GoDigital Media Group.

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In a world of cloudy skies one flower will need to overcome all the odds to find what he loves. "Overcast" tells the story a flower named Florian as he seeks to find sunshine in a cloudy world. On his journey he must battle psychopathic caterpillar Cate and the very universe itself.

Author Bio
Friska Bako is a 3D animator. Friska directed the story of "Overcast", creating the cinematography and bringing its characters to life with her animation. Friska's work can also be seen on the children's animated TV show "Jokie".
Radek Szczepanczyk is a 3D graphics artist. His work on the film included creating all the backgrounds and characters and handling most of the technical aspects of production. Radek works in the games industry and has worked on "Racedriver: Grid", "Colin McRae: Dirt 2" and "Brink".